Infection Control Policy

All staff and people providing care and involved in the process of preventing and controlling infection. There are policies in place that are adhered to that help to prevent and control infections, and that are reviewed and amended in line with lesons learned.

There are processes in place to operate monitoring and management arrangements intended to prevent and control infections. For further information consult policies and procedures on Infection Prevention and Control ISO 9000 Manual 3. This policy and procedure contains a working system to comply with legislation and meet HTM 01-05 requirements and the Code of Practice on the Prevention and Control of Infections.

Staff are trained in accordance with Dental Nursing NVQ 3 at our Training School, thereafter at Surgery meeting held at each Practice. These include, Infection, Prevention and Control.

There are quarterly Audits on Infection Prevention and Control and monitoring and Audit meetings at Partners Meetings and Practice Meetings.

There is an annual review of Infection Prevention and Control.

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