Thin Lips

Full pouts are the trend at the moment but you might feel like you said goodbye to yours a long time ago. Despite how you may feel on the inside, factors on the outside can have a large impact on the appearance and fullness of your lips. Fine lines can also form around the lips causing your lipstick to ‘bleed’

In some instances, you may just be born with thin lips, however, without proper care, you are likely to see them getting even thinner. Other factors that can cause your lips to become thin are:
• Dehydration
• Too much sun exposure
• Habit of pursing or puckering
• Extreme weather
• Smoking
• Ageing

All of these listed factors can contribute to the reduction of collagen in your skin and lips. This collagen helps keep the skins elasticity by constantly generating new skin cells. It strengthens the skin to improve volume and reduce the risk of sagging.

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