Overbite or Underbite

Although straight teeth are often considered key to a happy smile, occasionally teeth aren’t the problem. Over and under bites are now a common issue found by dentistry professionals. An overbite is when there is excessive protrusion of the upper jaw and an under bite is the opposite of this, when the lower jaw comes further forward than the upper.

Often, overbites and under bites are an inherited trait from family members, just like our eye and hair colour. However, there are other common causes such as:

• Early loss of baby or adult teeth
• Improper fits of dental restorations such as fillings or crowns
• Misalignment of the jaw after severe facial injury
• Tumours of the mouth or jaw
• Thumb sucking
• Tongue thrusting
• Dummy usage or prolonged use of a bottle in babies and children

Having misaligned bites can lead to more serious issues such as strain on the jaws and muscles which can encourage risk of breaking teeth and detrimental pain throughout your mouth. Although in some cases it cannot be prevented, misalignment can be corrected by a qualified orthodontist.

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