Fees Guide

  • General
    Item Price
    Examination-New Patient, including 2 small X-rays£95
    Recall Consultation includes x-ray if required (15 minutes)£65
    X-ray small£10
    X-ray large (OPG)£50
    CBCT 3D scan£125 single / £205 both
    Scale and Polish£75
  • Adult Emergency appointment
    Item Price
    Examinationfrom £95
    CBCT 3D scan£125 single / £205 both
  • Hygienist
    Item Price
    standardfrom £75
  • Root Canal Treatment
    Item Price
    All RCT include X-rays and simple restoration
    CBCT 3D scan£125 single / £205 both
    Incisor/caninefrom £400
    Premolarfrom £500
    Molarfrom £600
  • Restorative (Fillings, Crowns & Dentures) and Prosthetic treatments
    Item Price
    Consultation with Cosmetic Dentist£95
    Tooth coloured restoration (dependent on size)from £60-£250
    Veneer (dependent on material)from £500
    Crown (dependent on material) from £550
    Bridge per unit (dependent on material)from £500
    Denture (Acrylic)from £600- £1500
    Denture (Chrome)from £750- £2000
    CBCT 3D scan£125 single / £205 both
  • Teeth Whitening
    Item Price
    Home kitfrom £300
    Refillfrom £40
    DaVinci (Gt Yarmouth and Lowestoft)from £175
    Zoom (Lowestoft only)from £600
  • Dental Implants- Solutions for single teeth, bridges, full arches and dentures
    Item Price
    Consultation with ImplantologistFREE
    CBCT 3D scan£125 single / £205 both
    Single Tooth£2150
    Two Implants (two teeth)from £4150
    Three Implants (three teeth)from £5950
    Four Implants (Four teeth)from £7900
    Five Implants (Five teeth)from £9850
    Full Arch Casesfrom £7900 - £11, 700
    Implant Annual Review£50
    Prices are subject to surgical procedures undertaken. Please be aware you may require additional CBCT scan and treatments such as bone grafting materials or hygiene, periodontal treatment or provisional restorations/prosthesis, which may incur an additional charge.
  • Periodontal Treatments
    Item Price
    Consultation with Periodontist£100
    CBCT 3D scan£125 single / £205 both
    Initial Periodontalfrom £800
    Perio Surgeryfrom £450
    Annual Periodontal Review£100
    We offer a range of surgical periodontal procedures including, gummy smile correction, gum recession correction, crown lengthening, regenerative procedures, and peri-implantitis which are quoted on an individual basis, as it will depend upon the number of teeth involved, and the severity of the disease.
  • Orthodontics
    Item Price
    Consultation with Orthodontist£40
    CBCT 3D scan£125 single / £205 both
    Metal Fixed Braces -per archfrom £2135
    Ceramic Fixed Brace -per archfrom £2635
    Incognito -per archfrom £3960
    Incognito +C from £5085
    Invisalign Adult/ Teen (Comprehensive)from £4375
    Invisalign expres (Simple)from £1830
    Invisalign Lite (Simple)from £3751
    Invisalign Lite -per archfrom £2800
    Retainers will be necessary at the end of any orthodontic treatment to ensure the correction is maintained, these are from per retainer/ jaw = Standard Essix £85, Lingual Retainer (wire) £150, Invisalign Vivera Retainer set of 3= £480 per case
  • Facial Rejuvenation
    Item Price
    Consultation with qualified Skincare PractitionerFREE
    Dermal Fillers (dependant on amount and type of filler used)from £250
    Facial Peelsfrom £59-£256
    Hydra Facialsfrom £39-£156
    Facial Peels with Nano Penfrom £59-£256
    Cryopen (dependant on birthmark and size)from £100
    Wrinkle reducing treatmentsfrom £250
    Fee includes any required review or top-up, which must be undertaken within 2-3 weeks. Unfortunately after this time we are unable to offer a complementary top up. SILVER, GOLD and VIP package offers are available for combined treatments
    To book a consultation please call T:01493 842559 or E-mail:
  • Missed Appointments
    Item Price
    Failed to attend or late cancellation may incur a fee£35-£200

Our fees reflect the exceptional quality of service and high standard of expert and specialist care we deliver utilising the very latest technology, materials and techniques. We aim to provide a very personal and caring service based on a meticulous attention to detail. You can now also spread the cost of treatments, see our payment plans below. We try our best to keep the fees as current as possible on this website, however, it is always best to speak to the dentist during your consult.

Fees and Methods of Payments

  1. We accept all payment methods (excluding American Express).
  2. Pay As You Go: You make payments in stages over the course of treatment, normally after each visit.
  3. Full payment should be made at the completion of treatment.
  4. Interest Free Payment Plan: To help spread the cost of your treatment we can offer a monthly, interest-free facility over a 12 month period. Terms and conditions apply with this payment plan. Please feel free to ask for details with your treating dentists. Please note this this is available for certain treatments only
  5. Please note 48 hours’ notice of cancellation is required for booked appointments.
  6. Failed to attend or late cancellation may incur a fee £35-£200.

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