Dry “Oily” Skin

The oil on our skin is often a sign that your skin is protected and having it, helps prevent the signs of ageing. However, many people suffer from an excess of oil. Although it’s usually associated with teenagers, it can cause blemishes, pimples and other problems.

The main cause of oily skin is due to overactive sebaceous glands and can affect both males and females. The oil in the skin is called sebum and commonly affects the scalp and face. Sometimes other areas affected include the chest and folds of skin such as the underarms and under the breasts.

Although not curable, this condition can be managed by twice-daily washing of the face with a mild soap or soapless cleanser, helping to keep the skin clean and excess oils at bay.

Over the counter creams and lotions from the pharmacy can also reduce and ease symptoms and limiting yourself to the types of soaps and cleansers you use can also make a dramatic difference into the appearance of your skin.

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