Crow’s Feet

The fine lines that protrude from the corners of the eyes are often called ‘crows feet’
Although wrinkles are often a sign of ageing, these kinds of wrinkles often appear as early as your 30’s. These kind of wrinkles are what we call ‘dynamic’ this means they are most noticeable when you contract the muscles in your face through smiling or squinting for example.

There are a quite a few external factors that contribute to crows feet, these include:
• Sun exposure
• Squinting
• Smoking
• Menopause

Sun exposure is one of the most common causes as the UVA light damages collagen leading to sagging, wrinkled skin. The more natural pigment you have in your skin, the more you are protected against the radiation. Those with fairer skin pigments are likely to see a more visible appearance of crows feet.

During the menopause, women’s oestrogen often decreases between 1-2% per year. As oestrogen is what maintains collagen in the skin which affects skin elasticity, these wrinkles are going to appear more prominent as that oestrogen starts to weaken.

Simple ways to prevent crow’s feet are:
• Wear UV protected sunglasses when in the sun.
• Use a plumping, moisturizing eye cream.
• Stay away from smoking
• Massage around your eyes

This condition won’t need to be ‘diagnosed’ as such as it will become obvious once they start to appear. If you feel you don’t like the appearance of crow’s feet, a registered professional will be able to recommend the appropriate treatment.

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