Receeding Gums

Although common, having gums that start to recede can be a scary and painful experience.
Gum recession is what happens when your gum tissue is decreased, exposing the roots of your teeth. Having receding gums is often caused by certain life habits that you might not even realise would cause that much of an issue:

• Particularly aggressive flossing or brushing.
• Abnormal tooth positioning.
• Grinding your teeth
• Trauma to gum tissue
• Poor oral health

You could also find that your genetics are the main cause for receding gums. If another member of your family has a similar problem, this could be passed on to you. It could be that you are only mildly affected and that’s great or maybe you are in the early stages and want to prevent further damage. The below can help you reduce gum recession:

• Use a toothbrush with soft bristles
• Practice flossing techniques
• Use an effective mouthwash
• Avoid tobacco
• Stop grinding your teeth
• Visit the dentist regularly

Regardless of the severity of your receding gums, if you have concerns, discussing with your dentist will help to decide the type of treatment required and put your mind at rest.

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