Crooked or Skew Teeth

Straight teeth are often linked to a higher level of confidence and self-esteem along with better all-round oral health care. Sometimes through no fault of our own, our teeth become crooked and cannot be fixed without professional care. The two main causes of crooked teeth are:

• The mouth is too small for the amount of teeth that come through. When the mouth is too small it means it becomes crowded causing the teeth to come in wherever they can and often leads to them shifting a lot in order to fit.
• Often not realised, but crooked teeth can be inherited traits from family members just like the colour of your eyes or hair. This is another way in which crooked teeth cannot be prevented.

Although to some crooked teeth won’t be a huge issue, depending on the circumstances they could have a more negative effect on your oral health. Unaligned teeth can make cleaning them more of a challenge, putting yourself at risk of tooth decay, cavities and gingivitis. It could also make chewing food a lot harder and then making certain teeth susceptible to breakage.

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