Dry Skin

Our skin is our defence layer to the outside elements.
This exposure to elements has a large effect on the state of our skin and can often cause it damage. Particularly in cold climates or during winter months, you may see this condition worsening. Dry skin is a hugely common condition which causes small fine flakes and dry patches across certain areas of the body. Sometimes dry skin is a mild, temporary condition, however sometimes it can be a severe, long-term problem. Typical skin areas affected are arms, hands, lower legs, abdomen and areas of friction such as ankles.

There isn’t single cause for dry skin and its causes can be determined by internal or external factors. External factors are usually the easiest to address and include:
• Cold temperatures
• Low outside humidity
• Over-washing with harsh soaps
• Overuse of sanitizers and cleaning agents
• Improper use of moisturizer or an inadequate type
• Certain clothing materials

Internal factors are often harder to determine but include:
• Overall health
• Age
• Genetics
• Family history
• Medication taken

The signs of dry skin include itching, rough dry skin and red plaques. Some may find that constantly scratching and rubbing the skin may cause the skin to become thick and leathery. For others it may be small, red, raised bumps that could open and become infected. Generally dry skin can be easily diagnosed when a physician visually inspects it.

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