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Our Team

Specialist Orthodontists

Dr. Peter Brook BDS(Manc)1981, MSc(Manc)1987, D’Orth RCS(Eng)1986, FDS RCPS (Glas)1987, Specialist GDC55846

Peter is a specialist orthodontist, and has worked for a number of hospitals and dental corporate companies. He particularly enjoys working with aesthetic appliances, and using the latest technology to provide faster treatment and high quality results. Dr. Brook has many years experience in treating patients with Lingual (Hidden) braces. He is an active member of the British Orthodontic Society Specialist Practitioner Group and has written a few articles on Orthodontics. He also leads the Orthodontic Study Group within our practice and is an active member of the Local Managed Clinical Network which ensures high quality clinically effective orthodontic services are fairly distributed so that patient care could be improved.

Dr. Pilar Cruzado LMS Spain 2003 , Specialist GDC83550

Pilar is a specialist orthodontist, and has worked for a number of years as an orthodontic specialist in Spain before joining our team. She speaks a few languages and enjoys football, especially when Spain wins. Pilar loves working with children and has a keen interest in self-ligating bracket systems which is the latest technology enabling quicker appointment times and faster quality results.

Dental Implant Team

Dr. Simon Bunting BDS(Lond)1990, GDC66280
Dr. Denver Fester BCHD(UWC)1995,NHDDT(PT)1988,MJDF,RCS(Eng)2009,PGC MedEdu(Bed)2010, MSC Perio(UCLAN)2013, GDC 72793

Simon and Denver head up our implant team. They are able to provide this advanced service at our Lowestoft and Norwich practices which have been specially equipped to treat simple to advanced and complex cases. Simon enjoys running marathons and taking part in iron man competitions while Denver enjoys all types of sport including golf and macro photography.

Facial Rejuvenation Team

Dr. John Plummer BDS(Durh)1966, LDS, RCS(Eng)1965, GDC40451
Dr. Brian Robertson BDS(Edin)1981, GDC40451

John and Brian are highly experienced practitioners who have attended many courses to enhance their skills in this new and exciting field. Their skill and enthusiasm as seen many patients now opting for this simple and effective treatment. They have given talks on facial rejuvenations to many dentists over the years. Both are keen golfers and enjoy travelling.

Periodontal Team

Dr. Denver Fester BCHD(UWC)1995, NHDDT(PT)1988, MJDF,RCS(Eng)2009, PGC MedEdu(Bed)2010, MSC Perio(UCLAN)2013, GDC 72793
Susan Hommels CEB Dip Dent Hygiene 1995, GDC1657

Denver and Sue have a keen interest in gum conditons and provide advanced periodontal therapy at our Lowestoft and Norwich practices. Both have many years experience working in general practice and are able to involve you in management of treating this common condition. Sue enjoys travelling and shopping. Dr. Fester is a member of the British Society of Periodontology and British Society of Dental Sleep Medicine. He also treats patients who suffer from snoring and sleep apnoea. Denver is a keen golfer and enjoys the tech stuff.

Sedation Team

Mr. Sriman P.K. HADINNAPOLA FDS,RCS (Eng.)1979, GDC53450. Specialist Oral Surgeon
Charlotte Taylor NEBDN 1996, OHE, GDC133478

Sri has many years hospital experience as a specialist oral surgeon and is qualified in various sedation techniques to ensure that your procedure proceeds as pain-free and relaxed as possible. Charlotte is an experience dental nurse who co-ordinates the appointments and will follow your treatment before, during and afterwards to ensure that you have recovered fully. Sri enjoys travelling and cricket.