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NHS Referrals

We welcome referral for patients aged under 18 in order to assess them for orthodontic treatment on the NHS. Ideally patients should be in the mixed dentition stage but we would always prefer to assess patients earlier rather than later.

It would be useful to include any information relating to the patients malocclusion as well as copies of recent radiographs, or any information about teeth which you think has a doubtful prognosis. We offer patients an initial consultation shortly after we receive your referral.

NHS treatment is available for children and young people under the age of 18. Recent central government changes to the provision of free orthodontic treatment to minors now means that some children may not necessarily qualify for free treatment. NHS funding is targeted to those who most need orthodontic treatment (severe vs minor cases) on the grounds of dental health or aesthetic needs.

The severity of a patients malocclusion is assessed using the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN). dental health and aesthetic appearance are scored using the IOTN. The total score determines whether the NHS will fund treatment. Please refer your NHS patients to the PCT Orthodontic Referral Management Centre and specify your practice of choice.

Patients qualifying for NHS treatment will start active treatment as soon as they meet good oral hygiene standards. Patients who do not qualify for NHS treatment will be given the option of private treatment.

Private Referrals

We are happy to see patients, children and adults of any age for private consultation. Following your referral we will contact the patient to make their first appointment.

Self-Referral is welcomed - Private Patients you may contact us directly.