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At Faces & Smiles Orthodontists, we specialise in providing hidden Lingual braces for adults and children because we believe that they allow us to provide the best results with the latest precision technology for the ultimate concealment. 

What is Incognito?
The Incognito lingual bracket system from 3M Unitek is a new generation of precision braces for people of all ages. Because the braces are hidden on the inner surfaces of your teeth, no one will ever know that you are wearing braces unless you tell them.

These custom-made appliances are easy to keep clean and are constructed using the latest CAD/CAM technology.

The remarkable flat design of the gold alloy bracket (anti-allergic) provides maximum patient comfort and rapid adaptation to speech.

Faces and Smiles Orthodontist, Dr. Peter Brook is an accredited Incognito Orthodontist with many years of experience treating patients with Lingual braces. These are very popular with celebrities and they are nearly invisible as they fit on the tongue side of your teeth. Once the tongue has adjusted to the new feel they are more comfortable than conventional braces.
Lingual braces are precision engineered by CAD/CAM computer technology with advanced milling technology by Master dental technicians. The brackets are made out of a highly durable dental gold alloy. The precision wires are custom made and are designed and bent to your specific prescription using robotic technology.
Who can wear lingual braces?
If you can wear conventional braces you are probably suitable to wear Lingual braces, Dr. Brook can help you decide if these are the best braces for you. Please call us, or email us    click here   for aconsultation. 
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Incognito Lite uses the revolutionary Incognito lingual braces but only on certain teeth that need special attention. This allows for a much quicker treatment time -- typically less than 1 year. Some patients finish in as little as 6 months!

We will place 6 or 8 brackets on the back side of your teeth, only in the front. This option is perfect for patients who have crowding or misaligned front teeth.

While this option isn't a good fit for all patients, many can benefit from this cheaper, quicker treatment plan.  The cost is less than traditional braces!

Ask us about Incognito Lite and if you're a candidate. We proudly offer free consultations!

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