Faces and Smiles Dental

Cosmetic Dentures

Dentures have come a long way since the simple plastic ones were first invented.Denture-couple If you have full dentures you could benefit from an implant stabilisation bar, which holds the denture quite firmly in place. There are high quality teeth for a very natural look and new techniques to make your denture/s fit and work more comfortably and efficiently.

A high-quality, well-fitting denture offers more than just a good fit.
     • it restores your youthful appearance
     • allows you to eat most of the foods you love
     • helps you feel better about yourself
     • eliminates embarrassment
     • enables you to speak more clearly
     • may even improve digestion!

At Faces and Smiles Dental we can provide much of the information you need to make decisions about denture care, denture problems, and getting a new denture. After all, there is much to learn. For instance, even though dentures may be the best possible solution for your oral well-being, they might never function as well as your original teeth. And did you know your dentures aren’t meant to last forever? As you age, your mouth gradually changes, which makes you a candidate for a denture reline or a new denture.