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Metal vs Ceramic

Metal vs Ceramic Braces


In the first stage of orthodontic treatment, an assessment of the current state of your teeth and their likely development is made. This usually involves taking x-rays and making plaster models of the teeth. After completing the assessment, your Orthodontist will be able to provide more information about the type of treatment that is needed, and the likely results.

Before getting braces, you will need the following:

Orthodontic Records
Treatment Planning/Consultation
Risks and Limitations
Separators (not all cases)
Placing the Braces
Adjustment Appointments
Removing the Braces
Retention and Retainers


Smart Clip metal braces by 3M Unitek are self-ligating appliances that hold arch wires in place without rubber bands. SmartClip makes the path to a beautiful smile with longer inter-visit checks,  shorter appointment times and more comfortable than you ever thought possible! See the video for more information.

Clarity braces are a clear alternative to metal braces giving you virtually invisible orthodontic treatment with a visible difference.  3m Unitek combined the latest in technology and fashion by designing innovative braces that will blend in with teeth, help teeth move faster, and make braces easier to clean, while eliminating the less desirable appearance and hygiene issues of ordinary braces. For a straight smile without the look and feel of traditional metal braces, talk to our Specialist Team.


NO More hidding behind your smile!!!

With clarity braces your can now be enjoy the comfort of tooth-coloured and translucent braces.